Vein Sclerotherapy Treatments

Rejuva sclerotherapy treatments from £195

Sclerotherapy treats unsightly varicose veins. More specifically, they treat broken capillaries or “thread veins” on the legs and face that appear, quite commonly, during and after pregnancy. Varicose veins are also more common in women over 30. Sclerotherapy is widely regarded as a safe and simple medical treatment that helps many people improve the way they look and feel about themselves.

So what is Sclerotherapy? It is a series of small injections of a sclerosant formula into the thread veins. It irritates the vein lining and stops the flow of blood so that the unsightly vein collapses and vanishes over a period of up to eight weeks.

For finer veins or delicate areas of the face or ankles, Rejuva’s Facial IPL treatment can be a better option or even combined with Sclerotherapy. Rejuva’s trained and experienced consultants will advise on the best treatment programme for you.