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Wrinkle Relaxations Injections

Wrinkle Relaxing Injection treatments from £185

What do muscle relaxing injections do? They temporarily weaken the muscles, making skin crease-proof enough to prevent wrinkles becoming established. At Rejuva we offer a range of Muscle Relaxing Injections to treat those troublesome lines and wrinkles:

Frown Lines

Frown lines can often make us look serious, stern, worried or even angry. Muscle injections make it harder for you to raise your eyebrows and to frown. Start treatment before frown lines become too deep and you can prevent them and make early signs disappear. Deep furrows can be softened with injections although a filler treatment may be needed to fully “lift out” the crease.

Crow’s Feet

Smiling and squinting causes crow’s feet to form. Muscle Relaxing Injections can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and prevent new ones appearing.

Necklace Lines

By the age of 40 we have usually developed two or three necklace lines but Muscle Relaxing Injections can help soften them.

Neck Bands

Vertical neck bands are small ridges that can eventually fan out under the chin down towards the collar bone. Muscle relaxing injections can relax them and make them less noticeable.

Every muscle injection treatment lasts no more than 15 minutes. Your appointment with Rejuva, including consultation, is just half an hour long. Perfect for those with busy lifestyles!