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Remember that when you have treatments or purchase products at the salon you will receive Rejuva loyalty points which can be redeemed against future purchases or treatments. There are regular promotions for double and bonus points too.

Please ask your therapist or the receptionist for details.


Clarins Paris


Give your skin all the care it deserves with eco-responsible, high quality plant-based products from Clarins for Face, Body, Men and Tanning.

Face  -     In both winter and summer sun, our facial skin is exposed to changing temperatures and drying winds. Whether you wish to keep it moisturised, protected and firm, fight first wrinkles, or even to help find hormonal balance, Clarins has created facial treatments to suit you. For deeper cleansing, rejuvenate your skin with our face masks and exfoliations.

Body  -    As every woman has her own specific needs, we offer a variety of body care products suited to all skin types. Start with a body exfoliation to clear your skin of impurities, then apply a body moisturising cream to hydrate. To regain tone, firmness treatments are your ideal allies. Finally, our anti-cellulite range is perfect for reducing unwelcome and unsightly appearance.

For your eyes, lips and face, Clarins offers a selection of high-end products that combine skin care and make-up. Find everything you need here at Rejuva to create a natural, daytime or evening look. Bring out your own natural beauty with Clarins make-up.

Men  -    To help men take care of their skin, Clarins has developed a range of products designed with men in mind. Men’s shaving care products, moisturising creams, anti-ageing creams to fight wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, toning treatments, serums: trust Clarins Men skincare products.


AesthetiCare Logo

Care for your skin using professional products from Rejuva. Astheticare’s range of treatments and products help you prepare, protect, repair and regenerate ageing, sun-damaged or blemished skin.

AesthetiCare products are advanced, evidence-based dermatological medigrade skincare treatments that you can’t buy over the counter in other pharmacies and stores.

Our Astheticare products include:

  • Heliocare gel and cream formula sunscreens
  • Retriderm anti-ageing protein face serum
  • Endocare facial rejuvenation treatments
  • NeoRetin hyperpigmentation skin care

The range includes an SPF50 day moisturiser and a night time serum that exfoliates and corrects the skin while you sleep. In around 12 to 14 weeks you will notice a reduction of stubborn pigmentation.